The Mont Saint Michel

The Mont Saint-Michel, in the middle of the bay, every year nearly 3.5 million visitors, pilgrims and tourists.

At the entrance of this medieval city, the former Corps de Garde des Bourgeois, facing the guns, houses the Tourist Office.

Passing the door of the Boulevard, then the King provided with a drawbridge, you experience the High Street with its museums, shops and houses of the XV and XVI th centuries (the passage of the drawbridge also led to your right into the path of the walls).
The parish church, small building of XV and XVI th centuries is dedicated to St. Peter, patron of the fishermen. Finally, climbing the Great Degree is a prelude to the Wonder and the visit of the Abbey.
After admiring the Abbey, you can admire the incomparable beauty of the bay down the ramparts path, or by choosing the walkway on your left, dotted with small gardens.